Converge India is part of Global Converge. It is a global youth movement which is part of the World Evangelical Alliance family. Converge India was initiated by CLFA in partnership with Evangelical Fellowship of India in 2016.
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Converge is a networking summit of Youth ministries to build partnerships and enable ministries to work together by exploring opportunities for joint projects by sharing resources, information and expertise from one another, facilitating the advancement of the Gospel.

The meet is expected to develop into local, regional and global involvement and collaboration among Youth ministries.

The high- profile nature of this meet enables highly influential individuals and decision makers to come together and not just share contact cards but to build friendships, discuss, exchange ideas and provide resources to front line workers.

Such a platform allows organisations to explore new mission fields and learn methods to upgrade and enhance current mission strategies and approaches from each other.

These are invite only summits which has been strategically designed to have decision making heads to come together. The participating organisations and missionaries come prepared with promotional material of their respective ministries as well as prospective project plans to see how and when these plans could be materialised more effectively in partnership. Delegates come with an open mind to talk about experiences and challenges in their ministries. To form breakthrough opportunities by sharing their respective organisations’ resources to other organisations.
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