• Develop Personal Assessment Skills
  • Learn Conflict management
  • Effectively Handle the Issues of the Current Generation
  • Preach, teach and mentor the youths.
  • Recruit and train youth leaders.
  • Organise camps and retreats.
  • Increase efficiency in bridging Church leadership to the youth.
  • Equip to initiate/develop/grow local church youth ministry.
  • Develop the ability to collaborate with other youth ministries.


IIYML offers a two and a half year diploma course of Youth Ministry Leadership focusing on the process of developing and directing the local church youth ministry. The study of Youth Ministry is a pioneer program, the first of its kind in India.

The program concentrates on developing theological foundations of youth ministry and applying these to current youth challenges. It is structured to improve personal growth, people relation, networking, resourcing, and research. It will also help discover one’s call and potential by enabling them to learn how to recognize and solve youth ministry problems.

IIYML is a partnership venture of CLFA and the Global Youth Coalition (GYC). It hopes to launch a global, gospel-centered movement of Christ-like disciple-making, multiplying ministries among younger generation leaders. We train the leaders by equipping them for youth ministry in biblical strategies through partnerships with new and existing ministries. An IIYML graduate leaves with maximum skill and flexibility that makes them stand out in today’s dynamic society.
  • Admission
  • Course Duration & Level : 2.5 Year Diploma
  • Eligibility for the Program: Higher secondary certificate or equivalent certification, Endorsement from the local church
  • Scholarship : There is a provision to provide scholarships (either full or partial) to the participants based on the need. The participants will have to apply for the scholarship while submitting the admission form.
  • Age Limit : 20-40 years
  • Salient Features
  • Accredited by NATA
  • Certified nationally and internationally
  • Adheres to Evangelical Theology
  • Experienced national and international teaching faculty
  • Access to Online Library
  • Program Objectives
  • To recognize Youth ministry as calling.
  • To train to become a Youth ministry trainer.
  • To develop communication skills.
  • Program Requirements
  • Completion of Residential Classes (Contact classes will be held in Pune every 6 months)
  • Completion of practical assignment of each course
  • Completion of book review of each course
  • Attending classes is mandatory. Attendance is graded


First Semester

  1. Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry - 1
  2. Leadership Development (Spiritual and Psychological)

Second Semester

  1. Youth Ministry Curriculum Design, Development, and Application
  2. Engaging World Views and Youth Counselling

Third Semester

  1. Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry - 2
  2. Students and Campus Ministry

Fourth Semester

  1. Jesus focus youth Ministry
  2. A Christian Engagement with Culture

Fifth Semester

  1. Ministry to Troubled &Youth at-risk
  2. Communication to Youth: How to Teach & Speak to Youth Developmentally


IIYML is a partnership program of organizations with youth ministry specializations. Each of these youth ministries are multinational and have decades of ministry experience/expertise. Faculty comprises of course specialists from: